International art campaign “Green life among lichen” (deadline prolonged until 7th of March)

 8th of February until 7th of March is chosen in 2021 to be the Baltic Sea Project's air quality month among the UNESCO Associated Schools Network. So why not participate in this month by joining an art campaign and show everyone the unique way you see the world around! 

Lichens are a symbiotic relationship between algae and fungi. The fungus provides shelter for the algae and the algae provides food for the fungi. Lichens are sensitive to air pollution such as nitrogen (N) because they receive all their nutrients and water straight from wet and dry atmosphere. Because of that, lichens are one of the most known air quality bioindicators. An indicator species is any biological species that defines a trait or characteristic of the environment. By recognising lichens around us researchers can make assumptions about the quality of air. There are so many species of lichen which can grow on almost any surface, but at the same time each species is quite specialised and can live only in a particular environment. You can learn more about lichen and air pollution problems in the world at the BSP webinar on 8th of February (register here:

International art campaign “Green life among lichen” asks you to put yourself in the “shoes” of lichen, observe the environment they live in and get inspiration to create artwork. Participants can send us any form of artwork that shows the importance of lichen and clean air. The artworks will be published in the Baltic Sea Project's social networks* as well as during the international virtual Årø camp.

Rules of the art campaign: 

  • Theme is “Green life among lichen”. 

  • Participants can send the artwork in any online format - a photo, scanned painting, gif, comics, video, story, cooking recipe etc.

  • Video can not be longer than 3 minutes. Other formats can be no more than 5 files per participant. 

  • Participants can send their works to, with the email title “Green life among lichen”. 

  • Participants can send their works from 8th of February until 7th of March 2021.

  • Participants can be any age school or preschool childrens, but not older than 19 years old.

  • Participants agree that their works will be published in Baltic Sea Project blog, Facebook and YouTube and related partners’ social networks, and their work will be exhibited at the international virtual Årø camp during 4.-7.May.

Download the instructions in pdf from here!

The event is organized by Lithuanian Centre Of Non-formal Youth Education, Tartu Nature House, Educational Greenhouse and supported by the international Baltic Sea Project within UNESCO ASPnet. 

More info about the art campaign: Gretė Vaičaitytė,


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