BioBlitz around the Baltic Sea on 27th of August

We invite all students, teachers, principals, coordinators and friends of the Baltic Sea to join the Baltic Sea Project's BioBlitz on 27th of August. The Baltic Sea Project within the UNESCO ASPnet is launching a citizen science event to celebrate the Baltic Sea Day initiative by John Nurminen Foundation. Please, use this poster to share information in your school, and join us! Poster for sharing online (with active links) is HERE.
Poster for printing and sharing on paper is HERE. During the same day, 26 Estonian students and teachers will also arrive in Finland by sailing boats and will meet some Finnish students from Oulu and Turku, so they could jointly discover the Baltic Sea through various activities, including the same BioBlitz event!

Citizen science reports 2019 from Estonia - join us!

Estonian schools are really active doing citizen science programmes (observing coast, river,  air qualityinvestigating birds and doing phenological studies). We want to share with the international Baltic Sea Project participants our result and invite you to join in coast watch as well.

In these reports, you can  see the active schools in this field, so if you are interested in joint school projects (doing these observation simultaneoulsy using iNaturalist application or BSP worksheets and  want to share results through eTwinning or online conference calls) then contact the Estonian national BSP coordinator Gedy Matisen, and we will find a match for your school! :) 
Stay safe! :)

Show solidarity - COVID-19 affects schools around the world

Covid-19 - What do members of UNESCO Associated Schools say?
UNESCO has announced 290 million students out of school who have to stay at home, as their schools are closed due to COVID-19. Given this major health crisis, which now affects the entire planet, we think of you, dear members of the UNESCO Associated schools.

Audrey Azoulay, the UNESCO Director-General:

"While temporary school closures as a result of health and other crises are not now unfortunately, the global scale and speed of the current educational disruption is unparalleled and, if prolonged, could threaten the right to education."
In such circumstances, UNESCO Associated Schools are facing this crisis, with all schools around the world that could be deprived of education because of COVID-19 and for this reason, we would like to invite our students, teachers, school principals and parents to testify and express their feelings and concerns about the situation.

Tell us about your journey
If your school is closed, w…

Let's celebrate UN Water Day together!

The UN Water Day is held annually on 22nd of March. On Friday 20th of March 2020 we will celebrate UN Water Day in all Baltic Sea countries and all BSP schools. Here are some ideas for activities at school on that day. The ideas have been created by pupils of Finnish-Russian School in Helsinki and BSP actors in different countries.

Ideas for UN Water Day 20th of March 2020

Before the day Make posters to promote the day at school.Plan activities that are suitable for your school. Remember the whole school approach, so that everybody is included!On the UN Water Day 20th of MarchChoose some of these ideas or create your own.  Calculate your personal water footprint. You can use this calculator: or other calculators that are in your own language.  Make a quiz (e.g. Kahoot) about water consumption.If you live near a body of water (the Baltic Sea, a river, a lake), act to protect it, for example, go pick up trash. Make posters for the toile…

BSP web quizz results

The Baltic Sea web quizz for 2019 is now closed.
Thank you all for participating!
We had over 1250 participants from 8 different countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Russia).
We will announce the winners and give out prizes in January 2020! Stay tuned!

Baltic Sea Christmas

Dear friends, Have a wonderful Christmas time among your loved ones!
This year we invite all of you to take a look at your Christmas tree and determine the age of needles on the branch. Use this air quality programme instruction (page 7): Also, think where the tree has grown and what impact has it made during it's lifetime.
How could we use 100% of Christmas trees after a nice stay at our home during holidays? Perhaps you also wonder about the weather...where is all the snow? You may add your comments to our Fecabook page:
-The Estonian team of BSP - 

From production to waste: How to make consumption fair?

What are climate policy and circular economy? Is it possible to achieve zero waste production and consumption? What are the main sustainable challenges present today in Estonia? How to create fairness with trade? Above all, who is responsible for answering the above-mentioned questions?  These were some of the relevant issues that experts, students and their teachers discussed on December 6, 2019, in Tallinn Botanic Garden on the seminar „From production to waste: How to make consumption fair?” organized by NGO Mondo within the Environmental Investment Center (KIK) project led by Tartu Environmental Education Center. Other supporters were Erasmus+ and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

 The seminar was opened by Urve Sinij√§rv from Tallinn Botanic Garden, followed by the UNESCO ASP Network coordinator, Viktoria Rudenko, and the Baltic Sea Project’s coordinator, Gedy Matisen, who presented their current projects and invited students to join their activities (international web …